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Helping young people to become socially responsible, productive community members

Young men and women who find themselves in trouble with the law can "end up" in the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home.

The Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home Foundation was established in 2004 to provide a pathway for receiving grants, donations and other funding that will help expand alternative programs for youthful offenders.


But it doesn't end there. Invariably, the direction they take when re-entering the community is a critical one. Whether they find more trouble or a more positive path to adulthood depends on the support and help they get in the Juvenile Home, to help them on the path towards success.

The Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home Foundation exists to support programs and activities that generate opportunities for these young people. To help them build skills. Improve self-esteem. Prepare them for an important transition.

With your help, we can support ongoing programs that build reading skills, develop artistic talent, provide music therapy, teach life skills, offer cultural experiences and expose the dangers of substance abuse. In many cases, our work helps strengthen family ties.